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Rapidly design, develop, and deploy applications. earthmine offers a full suite of development tools that provide a flexible framework for integrating earthmine street level imagery and 3D data into almost any application. From the SDK for Flash for the web to the SDK for iPhone for devices running iOS, get up and running with two comprehensive SDKs as well as the earthmine Widget for the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex. The earthmine API offers even more versatility through an easily accessible web service.


   earthmine SDK for Flash
Build interactive browser based and desktop applications. The earthmine SDK for Flash provides developers with the ability to create immersive, detailed, and spatially accurate street level 3D experiences using the Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR frameworks providing for a variety of deployment options. Create and display contextually relevant information about places by attaching overlays to real-world objects and features in 3D space.



The tag overlay class provides a convenient way of denoting points of interest and other point based features. Use the associated tag dialogs or custom tag dialogs to display associated information. The billboard overlay class allows developers to place 3D planes into the scene at a given geographic location. These billboards can be textured with dynamic or static content providing the perfect framework for geo-contextual advertising or other relevant media, such as images and video. Further customize the user interface by adding custom navigation controls, such as the earthmine compass and 3D cursor, to provide a unique immersive user experience to your users.

   earthmine API
Access core earthmine services and data. The earthmine API provides a highly customizable and programmatic interface to earthmine's unique library of street level imagery and 3D data. Through a simple REST style web service, users can construct and submit requests to obtain multiple static images of a subject of interest or an entire panoramic scene, with full control over parameters such as field-of-view and resolution. Once the desired image is retrieved, perform 3D look-ups on individual pixels to obtain accurate latitude, longitude and elevation information for anything visible in the scene. The earthmine API provides a powerful, flexible, low-level interface to earthmine's 3D data library that supports direct access to imagery and 3D data for automated analysis, or for constructing completely unique client applications to suit your own specific needs.

   earthmine Widget

Publish your GIS data and earthmine data to the web.
The earthmine Widget for the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex framework extends the functionality of the Viewer to enable the display of earthmine panoramic imagery within the Viewer. The ArcGIS Viewer for Flex provides a "ready-to-deploy viewer application that is configurable, so you can easily add tools and data content without programming". The earthmine Widget can be easily configured in the same manner and added to your Viewer project without having to write a single line of code. The widget provides a simple way to publish your GIS data in conjunction with your earthmine imagery to a wide audience using a simple browser-based interface that is distributed over the web. The Widget also includes a set of measurement and feature creation and editing tools, allowing users to directly add to your geodatabase or update feature locations or attributes.



   earthmine SDK for iPhone

Create iPhone applications that feature earthmine data. The earthmine SDK for iPhone brings earthmine’s rich street level 3D experience to the large user base of iPhone and iPod Touch users. The earthmine SDK for iPhone gives developers the core functionality to retrieve and display earthmine’s panoramic imagery as well as an extensive set of tools to create immersive applications and unique experiences on the iPhone. Users of the earthmine SDK for iPhone can access the entire earthmine image and 3D dataset from their mobile device, putting an immersive street level experience in their pocket. Enable customers with an iPhone or iPod Touch to map features, take measurements, display relevant geo-contextual content, visualize assets from a geospatial database, or billboards with video and advertising. The earthmine SDK for iPhone provides a flexible interface for the integration of earthmine data in your mobile application. 



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