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Add street level imagery and 3D data to your application.
Use earthmine developer tools to bring the street to your customers. Integrate immersive panoramic imagery into local search results, turn-by-turn navigation directions, real estate listings, and augmented reality applications for an instantly recognizable real world experience.


Featured Case Studies:

   Local Search
Supplement local search results with 3D street level imagery. Differentiate from the competition by bringing an extra dimension to local search. earthmine data and developer tools make it easy to display Points of Interest (POI) and other geo-referenced data within the panoramic imagery; provide interactive user navigation; create and share custom POIs; as well as display virtual 3D billboards and other objects. The same data set and developer tools can also be customized for back-end data gathering activities as well, supporting manual and automated POI creation and updating.
Enhance turn-by-turn databases and navigation features. Use earthmine for generating turn-by-turn navigation databases as well as supplementing directions with imagery at key decision points along the route. earthmine’s image and 3D data set provides a complete inventory of road conditions and signage, allowing for automated attribution of lane markings, lane widths, direction of travel, and other contributing factors to navigation. Provide users with enhanced navigation experiences by including imagery of the destination, nearby parking structures, intersections, and signage.
   Augmented Reality
Accurate localization for true AR experiences. The earthmine spatial platform is ideally suited for use as a precise 3D reference data set for localizing the viewpoint of camera equipped mobile devices, enabling the next generation of Augmented Reality applications. The resulting location and orientation information produced from earthmine is an order of magnitude more accurate than consumer GPS and compass data, meaning that information displayed through the view-finder will line up precisely with what it is describing. Pin down floating information where it belongs, and bring a true Augmented Reality experiences to large consumer audiences.
   Real Estate
Much more than a virtual tour. Add earthmine to your real estate portal to reduce the time and effort spent by agents and clients driving around the streets. With industry leading image quality and resolution, earthmine provides a professional grade visual and 3D experience found in no other solution. Using earthmine developer tools, quickly and easily construct virtual tours for potential properties, and point out neighborhood features to match the client’s interest. Add additional content and media, such as photos and videos of the interior, for a complete and accurate picture of the property.
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